Client Testimonials

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Autism Care Provider - South Yorkshire

Feedback from course delegates:


"The course opened my eyes and helped me to take a step back and see life through the eyes of someone with Autism/Asperger’s"


"The tutor was very approachable and explained things well; she was friendly and easy to understand"                                                     

Mental Health Care Organisation - Nottingham

Fire Marshall training delegates' feedback:


"Having attended the course, I feel a lot better equipped to deal with fire drills and a real fire"


"The information I have learned will help enhance my role as Health and Safety Officer"


"The course has helped me to be more aware of hazards at work""

Mental Health Carers Organisation - Derbyshire

Feedback from Moving and Handling training:


"The tutor had a background in mental health care, so made sure the training was really relevant to our clients' needs"


"It was a really useful course - I got a lot of benefit from it"

Carers Organisation - Derby

Feedback from Moving and Handling training course:


"The training helped to update my knowledge of the skills and techniques for moving and handling, particularly for moving someone who uses a wheelchair"


"The tutor was able to give good advice and answer questions in relation to my current role"


"Everything on the course was very relevant to my current role"